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Multi-service multi-role integration solutions with specific experience in enterprise-scale data management workflows, ISR lifecycle integration, time-series track data and military & geospatial metadata & data formats within Defence Intelligence

About bigAPE

A software & technology focused consultancy with a long history in Media & Broadcasting now specialising in Defence and Intelligence ISR/ISTAR, enterprise scale data management, orbital & airborne remote sensing and a deep understanding of military/spatial metadata & data formats.

Our technical skills are complimented by our background in complex multi-vendor, multi-client projects. Our employees call on trade-craft gained from decades working for large multi-national organisations. Our business intelligence and research is based on a proven and renowned research skill set developed while working for global advertising agencies such as J Walter Thompson and DMB&B.

bigAPE was founded in 1998 by two veterans of the UK media industry. One with 20 years experience as a solutions architect in television broadcasting and one with ten years of experience in Advertising Research and business intelligence. We have consulted in the Europe, North America and Australia. We offer PV cleared personal with nearly a decade of experience in Defence, Intelligence, Federal & geospatial solutions and a full range of vendor integration services. Our clients and our nations interest are always our primary concern.

Our Services

Defence Systems

We are able to provide services around multi-role, multi-service and multi-national data exchange and systems integration employing common defence metadata standards, with specific experience in ISR & geospatial data integration. Contact us for further information and AGSVA clearances.

Broadcast Systems

Calling upon over a twenty years experience in broadcast media we offer systems integration and service deployment consulting in a wide range of broadcast technologies. With several large integration projects for big name broadcasters behind us, we offer level a vendor-independence that many clients find very refreshing.

Software & Architecture

We are experts at designing and implementing complex business systems. We are evangelical about our business, not a single vendor's tools. So fully informed of the state of the technology industry and constantly training on the latest software frameworks ensures that we can provide the right solution to your requirements within the required timescales and at the right budget.

Our Partners

Three Media Associates

Three Media Associates started trading in April 2009. However, the entire team has previously worked together as part of BPI Improve and, before that, Broadcast Projects International, for the past 10 years. Many of the team were previously Operations Managers, Chief Technology Officers or Senior Executives in various well-known UK and European media organisations. They have worked for clients spanning the whole media & broadcast value chain, from rights holders, channel operators, to service providers and public broadcasters. Three Media is a privately held company based in the United Kingdom with associate consultants around the world.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us for more information on our services, history and clearances. We look forward to hearing with you.